"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
- Aristotle

The following habits will be intentionally integrated into our daily routines and practiced.

Habit of Attention
The habit of attention requires that one fix mind/body steadily on the matter at hand.

Habit of Obedience

Obedience is demonstrated by responding immediately and completely to authority, as well as accepting consequences willingly.

Habit of Respect

Showing respect involves using good manners and self-control in words and actions.

Habit of Responsibility

Responsibility is shown when care is given to personal belongings and school property, and tasks are completed.

Habit of Reverence

Reverence is demonstrated by one’s awe and respect for things of God.

Habit of Reflection

The habit of reflection requires purposeful thinking and contemplation about the matter at hand.

Habit of Reconciliation

Reconciliation seeks to humbly restore any relationship that has been negatively impacted by unkind behavior. Reconciliation should be honest, sincere, quick, and complete.

Habit of Thoroughness

Thoroughness involves completing whatever task is at hand to the very best of one’s ability, leaving nothing undone.

Habit of Punctuality
To be punctual, one’s obligations must be met in a timely manner.

Habit of Service

In serving, one must think of helping others and meeting their needs in a cheerful manner.

Habit of Self-control

To be self-controlled is to have mastery over one’s actions and speech and have the ability to delay gratification.

Habit of Integrity

Integrity involves always being honest and allowing one’s words and actions to be above reproach, so that one is seen as trustworthy.


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