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Parental Commitments to Acacia
By enrolling their students at Acacia, parents commit to support the school and its mission. In order to do this, parents must:
1. Support the school in its purposes and principles of Classical Education and in its Statement of Faith.
2. Pray for Godís wisdom for the leaders of Acacia and His blessings on the school.
3. Build alliances with the teachers and staff including effective communication, cooperation, and constructive conflict resolution methods. Be quick to listen and slow to anger. Regard the perspective of your student as valuable but limited. Pursue comprehensive understanding in cooperation with the teacher. Build community and not stir up dissention verbally nor with social media.
4. Accept biblical responsibility for the education of their children by:
  a. Ensuring that their children have the time, place, priority, and parental support needed to complete their homework and studies;
  b. Providing heart shaping discipline and appropriate consequences for behaviors reported by the schoolís staff.
  c. Ensuring that their children arrive and are picked up on time;
  d. Ensuring that their children are properly prepared for the day with meals, proper attire, and necessary supplies.
5. Encourage their children to comply with the spirit and the letter of all Acacia rules, habits, and policies with appropriately respectful attitudes.
6. Set an appropriate example to all students when on campus or at Acacia related events by observing all school rules and policies with an appropriately respectful attitude.
7. Demonstrate a love of learning and a desire to apply biblical principles to all areas of life.
8. Read what you sign and be accountable.

Parent Covenant
We joyfully embrace our responsibility for our child's education and eagerly partner with Acacia Academy to further our child's development in character, faith, and knowledge.

We understand and support Acacia Academy's mission for classical and Christian education and commit our family to the disciplined pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness in every area of life.

We honor and uphold Acacia Academy's desire to glorify God--the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-- and to lead our child in the Way of Jesus Christ.

MP3 Files from ACCS Conference
Chuck Colson: The Imperative
Douglas Wilson: The Value of a Classical Education
George Grant: The begats of Classical Christian Education
Matt Whitling: Covenant Discipline
Matt Whitling: Sins of the Classroom
Matt Whitling: In the Light of the Scriptures
Ralph Janikowsky: Christian Leadership
Garfield: Seven Laws of Teaching

Reading List for Classical Education

Discover Classical Christian Education: The Essential Guide for Parents                           

An Introduction to Classical Education                          Christopher A. Perrin

Wisdom and Eloquence                                                     Robert Littlejohn and Charles Evans

The Well-Trained Mind                                                      Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer

The Lost Tools of Learning                                               Dorothy Sayers

Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning                           Douglas Wilson

Classical Education                                                            Gene Edward Veith & Andrew Kern

For The Children?s Sake                                                     Susan Schaffer McCauley

Charlotte Mason Companion                                           Karen Andreola

The Seven Laws of Teaching                                            John Milton Gregory

The Educated Child                                                            William Bennett

For the Love of Learning                                                   Jenny Sockey

When Children Love to Learn                                          Elaine Cooper


For the avid reader:

The Closing of the American Mind                                  Alan Bloom

Norms and Nobility:  A Treatise on Education              David Hicks

The Abolition of Man                                                         C. S.  Lewis



Valuable Websites:

The Association of Classical and Christian Schools:

The Society for Classical Learning:

Classical Academic Press:

The Well-Trained Mind:

Simply Charlotte Mason:

Classical Reader:



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